“Caribbean Playgrounds” is a family owned business, whose sole goal is to offer the children of the Caribbean an opportunity to have access to quality and comprehensive play facilities. We believe that all children, regardless of their background, race, family’s social & financial status, should have an equal opportunity to develop their minds, bodies & social skills; offering the most affordable commercial playground equipment to furnish our Caribbean preschools, nurseries, primary schools, public and private parks, beaches, water parks and backyards. We are a wholistic supplier and reseller of playground equipment where we strive to offer an enjoyable and gratifying experience from our first point of contact to opening day of your new playground. With 10 years in the business of early childhood furnishing, predominantly in the Caribbean, we know what the islands need and the associated demands – geographically and seek to employ that in our customer service methodologies, installation procedures and equipment selection.

CARIPLAY CARES : Cariplay Cares is a non-profit entity, that would work along with governments, communities, charitable organizations, donors etc to make the dream a reality. Research has proven the positive social impact associated with the outdoor play in high risk / lower class communities and we will continue to work with the ministries etc to accomplish this goal. Some of our proposals have indicated potential employment opportunities as well, where full service playgrounds & parks are constructed. Working along with Caribbean Playgrounds to encourage the mental, physical and emotional development of every child; in every island. This has since expanded to include adult equipment as well – and we are excited to continue the market options for indoor and outdoor facilities. Raising awareness and funding… (TBD)

Safety Standards : Caribbean Playgrounds has hand picked an array of commercial playground equipment from high-quality American manufacturers that you can trust. Our access to several manufacturers and factories, allows for us to offer the most competitive pricing without compromising the quality and high safety standards employed. Like every other industry, the playground market is heavily saturated with inferior products that fail overtime, mass-produced with little to no quality control and minimal regulatory standards.

Fortunately for our clients, Caribbean Playgrounds ensures that the units sold and installed, all meet the rigorous safety standards of the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Caribbean Playgrounds’ installer and project managers are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI), and we even have CPSI’s on our sales and customer support staff that can address your concerns.

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